Deputy Editor, Observer

Location: New York, Ny

Observer is looking for an experienced Deputy Editor who will work with our entire editorial team and report to the Editor-In-Chief. Your main day-to-day focus will be maximizing the quality and impact of our news and investigative reporting, commentary, feature writing, interviews and profiles. From a broader perspective, you’ll be expected to heavily influence conversations around honing and evolving coverage areas, and what Observer means to its audience. This is the ideal job for someone who deeply enjoys developing talent and building something lasting, and a terrible one for someone who enjoys being bored.

You must know which big ongoing stories to commit to amidst the news cycle swirl, despise flat and directionless writing, see the angles everyone else misses, and be committed to creating a product that’s legitimately unique, powerful, and ultimately indispensable. A keen interest in power—who holds it, who wields it admirably, who’s misusing it, and how it affects our lives—is essential, as is the willingness to shake the towers in which it rests. Also essential: the desire to cut it loose and take chances when the opportunity is right.



  • Develop and inspire writers and editors, and work with them to define and hone coverage areas
  • Work with Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor to set overall content and audience strategy
  • Lead team towards use of proper reporting tactics and enforce journalistic principles
  • Seamlessly mobilize different wings of the team around big stories
  • Map out and edit key stories personally
  • Always be eager to lend an eye to any story that needs an extra one
  • Write, at least a little
  • Contribute to construction of yearly editorial calendar
  • Work with team to develop concepts for ongoing franchises
  • Possess a keen eye for breakout and established talent, both freelance and staff, and recruit the hell out of them
  • Package stories for success with fantastic headlines, art, formatting, and more
  • Give many, many shits



  • 7-10 years experience as an editor in digital and traditional media
  • Significant time spent in hard news and investigative reporting settings
  • Understands the difference between deeply informed commentary and hot takes
  • Has something to say, and knows how to coax the same out of others
  • Advanced grasp of story architecture, for pieces big and small
  • Legitimately loves leveraging audience data to help inform editorial decisions, but also understands its limitations and dangers


Send the following to and write “Deputy Editor Application” in the subject line.

  •  Resume (Word or PDF)
  •  Cover letter (Word or PDF)
  • Three writing samples